Department of Chemistry

Notice Board/Circulars

119/10/2016NIQ for purchase of Desktop Computer and UPS
220/09/2016NIQ for purchase of LPG Pipeline
315/09/2016NIQ for purchase of Desktop Computer
415/09/2016NIQ for purchase of Melting point apparatus
503/09/2016NIQ for purchase of Laptop
622/08/2016NIQ for purchase of Centrifuge Machine
719/08/2016NIQ for purchase of LPG Pipeline
810/08/2016NIQ for purchase of Computer Notebook
929/07/2016NIQ for purchase of Apparatus
1027/07/2016NIQ for purchase of chemicals
1126/07/2016 NIQ for purchase of Computer, Printer & UPS
1222/07/2016NIQ for purchase of LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer = 4
1322/07/2016NIQ for purchase of Digital Analytical Balance
1419/07/2016NIQ for Purchase of Window AC
1519/07/2016NIQ for Purchase of Split AC
1619/07/2016NIQ for Purchase of Desktop computer and Notebook
1729/06/2016NIQ for purchase of LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer
1825/05/2016NIQ for Purchase of Chemicals
1917/05/2016NIQ for purchase of Paper
2012/05/2016NIQ for purchase of Centrifuge(Non refrigerated)
2112/05/2016NIQ for purchase of HP Workstation
2212/05/2016NIQ for purchase of Window AC
2312/05/2016NIQ for purchase of Split AC
2426/04/2016NIQ for Purchase of Multiple-position hot plate stirrer
2520/04/2016NIQ for Purchase of Culture Plates etc.
2611/04/2016NIQ for Purchase of AC
2730/03/2016NIQ for Purchase of Desktop Computer
2816/03/2016NIQ for Purchase of Office Table
2925/02/2016NIQ for Purchasing of Desktop Computer and other Items
3024/02/2016NIQ For Purchase of UV-VIS spectrophotometer
3110/02/2016NIQ for Purchase of office table
3210/02/2016NIQ for Purchase of Godrej Chairs
3303/02/2016NIQ for purchase of Computer
3403/02/2016NIQ for Purchase of Desktop Computer
3503/02/2016NIQ for purchase of Refrigerator
3608/01/2016NIQ for Purchase of Desktop Computer
3708/01/2016NIQ FOR Cattering Service

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