Department of Chemistry

Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor Funding Agencies
109/11/2016Meha BhargavaDr. Jyoti Agarwal
202/11/2016Jaspreet KaurProf. S.K. Mehta
325/10/2016PriyaDr. P.Natarajandsm
414/09/2016KomalDr. Sonal Singhal
502/08/2016Nidhi PahalDr. Neetu Goel
629/07/2016Kanika BerwalDr. Gurpreet Kaur
729/07/2016Avneet KaurDr. Ganga Ram Chaudhary
829/07/2016Gitanjali JindalDr. Navneet Kaur
928/07/2016Sarabjeet KaurDr. Purshotam Sharma
1027/07/2016Randeep KaurDr. Shweta Rana
1125/07/2016SushilaDr. Ramesh KatariaCSIR
1222/07/2016Ankush SheoranDr. Sonal Singhal
1315/07/2016Akshpreet SinghDr. Gurjaspreet SinghUGC
1402/06/2016ShilpyProf. K.N. SinghCSIR
1531/05/2016Deepak RohilaDr. Savita Chaudhary
1630/05/2016Namrata RaniDr. VikasUGC
1722/04/2016Deepika KagraDr. Purshotam Sharma
1812/04/2016KirandeepDr. Rmesh kataria
1927/01/2016Arshpreet KaurDr. Deepak B SalunkeUGC
2021/01/2016Kanu GuptaDr. Sonal Singhal
2120/01/2016Preetleen KathuriaDr.Purshotam Sharma
2206/01/2016Hemant SinghDr. Varinder KaurUGC
2330/12/2015Naveen KumarDr. P. NatrajanUGC
2430/12/2015Priya ManhasDr. Rohit Kumar SharmaCSIR
2530/12/2015Sarabjeet KaurDr. Sonal Singhal
2621/12/2015Pinky SatijaDr. Gurjaspreet Singh
2702/12/2015Mohd RiyazDr. Neetu GoelUGC
2803/11/2015Mandeep KaurProf. K.K.BhasinDST
2905/10/2015SunainaProf. S.K. MehtaCSIR
3021/09/2015Suman lataDr. VikasPU Ph.D
3121/09/2015Ravinder KumarDr. Deepak B. SalunkeUGC NET
3210/09/2015Ranjeet kaurDr. Shweta Rana
3321/08/2015Kawal PreetDr. Deepak B. SalunkeCSIR
3421/08/2015ManjeetDr. P. Natarajan
3518/08/2015AashimaProf. S.K. Mehta
3628/07/2015Geetika sharmaDr.Gurjaspreet SinghGATE
3728/07/2015Deepender KaushikDr. Deepak B,. Salunke
3827/07/2015Surbhi KapoorDr. Sonal SinghalCSIR
3921/07/2015Pooja KalraDr. GurjasPreet SinghCSIR
4017/07/2015SanchitaDr. Gurjaspreet SinghCSIR
4115/07/2015Sarita Dr. Neetu GoelCSIR, Gate
4208/07/2015Raman KumarDr.Prasanta k NandaUGC Net LS
4316/06/2015PoonamDr. Deepak B. SalunkeRamalinga Swami Project Fellow
4411/06/2015Navjot KaurDr. Neetu GoelDST Project Fellow
4526/05/2015Anu BalaProf. K.K.BhasinUGC
4618/05/2015RenuDr. P. NatarajanCSIR
4716/04/2015Rahul SinghDr. Deepak B SalunkeCSIR
4817/03/2015Kavita ChowdharyDr. Gurjaspreet SinghPU PHd
4916/03/2015Rakesh KumarDr. Ramesh kataria
5016/02/2015Jaswant SinghDr. Varinder Kaur P.U.
5102/02/2015Ravneet KaurMetallosurfactants: Synthesis, Characterization, Nanoparticle Fabrication and their Potential applicationsProf. S.K. MehtaUGC(PDF)
5221/01/2015Shivani UppalDr.S.K.Mehta P.U.
5308/01/2015Rupal MalikDr. Sonal SinghalCSIR
5423/12/2014Baljeet KaurDr. Navneet KaurUGC
5512/12/2014Surinder Kaur BrarDr. Rohit Kumar Sharma DST, Inspire Fellow
5617/11/2014Manjot KaurDr. Sushil Kumar Kansal, SSBUICET,P.U.
5701/11/2014Manoj KumarDr. Gurjaspreet SinghCSIR
5816/10/2014Dixita RaniDr. Jyoti AgarwalP.U.
5922/09/2014Jasbhinder SinghDr. Gurjaspreet SinghP.U.
6018/09/2014Dhiraj RaniDr. Sonal Singhal UGC
6117/09/2014Navneet KaurDr. Ganga Ram ChaudharyUGC
6228/04/2014InduDr. Neetu GuptaWithout F/s
6321/04/2014Ramanpreet KaurDr. VikasCSIR
6511/03/2014Munish KumarDr. Rohit Kumar SharmaProject Fellow DST (SERB)
6612/02/2014VikashProf. Alok Srivastava UGC
6727/01/2014Navjot SinghDr. Varinder Kaur Without F/s
6819/12/2013RekhaProf. S.K.MehtaWithout F/s
6917/12/2013Shelja SharmaDr. S.K.Kansal, UICET.Without F/s
7011/11/2013Esha SharmaProf. K.N.Singh CSIR Project Fellow
7110/10/2013Preeti GargDr. Ganga Ram ChaudharyUGC
7230/09/2013Gurpreet SinghDr. Suresh Sharma, DAV College, AboharCSIR Project Fellow
7312/09/2013Yesbinder KaurDr. Ganga Ram ChaudharyUGC
7419/08/2013Manisha DhimanDr. Sonal SinghalUGC
7516/08/2013Rajesh KakarDr. Navneet KaurCSIR
7614/08/2013Vineet KumarSynthesis of biocompatible PLGA nanoparticles for the delivery of anticancer biomoleculesProf. S. K. MehtaUGC(PDF)
7708/08/2013Shilpa ChaudharyProf. K.K.BhasinDBT Project Fellow
7806/08/2013Sandeep KumarDr. Savita Chaudhary CSIR
7926/07/2013Rajni BalaDr. Rohit Kumar SharmaUGC
8026/07/2013Rohini KanwarDr. Gurpreet Kaur, SSB, UICETCSIR
8126/07/2013Manjot KaurProf. K. N. SinghCSIR
8231/05/2013Santosh KumarProf. R.P.SharmaUGC Project
8323/01/2013Harjit SinghProf. S.K.MehtaUGC
8409/01/2013Sarabjit KaurDr. Rohit Kumar SharmaCSIR
8509/01/2013ManishDr. Rohit Kumar SharmaUGC
8609/01/2013Sujita PahalDr. Neetu GoelWithout F/S
8712/12/2012Sonal DhandaDr. Shweta RanaUGC
8829/11/2012Poonam RaniDr. Amarjit KaurUGC
8922/10/2012Preety SainiDr. Aman BhallaCSIR
9018/10/2012Neha SrivastavDr. Varinder KaurUGC
9118/10/2012Sunita ChaudharyDr. Gurjaspreet SinghCSIR
9218/10/2012AnkitaDr. Sonal SinghalCSIR
9318/10/2012Nidhi SharmaProf. S.K.MehtaCSIR
9412/10/2012Sanjeev KumarDr. Rohit Kumar SharmaCSIR
9511/10/2012Aanchal AroraDr. Gurjaspreet SinghCSIR
9609/10/2012Anu Kumari-Dr. Aman BhallaCSIR (JRF)
9712/09/2012Dipika Narula Dr.Aman Bhalla, Prof.S.S.BariUGC (LS)
9810/09/2012Amritpal SinghStudies in Synthesis of Natural Products/Non-Natural Products Using Ionic Liquids and Conventional MethodsDr.J.S.Brar, Prof.Paramjit SinghCSIR (JRF)
9905/09/2012Shivani Bhatia Dr. Amarjit Kaur Dr. K. N. SinghCSIR
10028/08/2012Priya Alreja Dr. Navneet KaurJRF (LS)
10121/08/2012Shiwani Berry Dr.Aman BhallaWithout F/s PU. Test Cleared
10226/07/2012Gurpreet Kaur Dr. VikasUGC (JRF)
10313/07/2012Kiran Sharma Dr.Aman BhallaWithout F/s PU. Test Cleared
10410/07/2012Shikha Pundir Prof.SK Mehta, Prof.KK BhasinUGC (JRF)
10506/07/2012Raj Kumar Prof.SK Mehta, Dr.Khushwinder KaurCSIR (JRF)
10619/03/2012Priyanka Narula Dr.Varinder kaurUGC (LS)
10710/02/2012Ruchi Mutneja Dr. Varinder KaurCSIR (JRF)
10819/12/2011Poonam Sangwan Dr. VikasWithout F/s PU. Test Cleared
10912/12/2011Sherry Dr. Rohit Kumar SharmaUGC (JRF)
11007/12/2011Gargi Dhaka Dr. J. S. Brar, Dr.Navneet KaurUGC (JRF)
11102/12/2011Arun Kumar Prof.SK Mehta, Dr. G. R. ChaudharyUGC (JRF)
11230/11/2011Randeep Lamba Prof.SK Mehta, Dr. Sushil Kumar KansalWithout F/s PU. Test Cleared
11330/11/2011Charanjit Singh Dr. Sonal SinghalCSIR (JRF)
11423/11/2011Chayawan Dr. VikasUGC (LS)
11521/09/2011Swati Sood Prof.SK Mehta, Dr. Sushil Kumar KansalWithout F/s PU. Test Cleared
11612/08/2011Kamaljot Kaur Prof.SK Mehta, Prof. Sukhjinder SinghCSIR (JRF)
11729/07/2011Preeti Dr. Sonal SinghalCSIR (JRF)
11827/07/2011Japinder Kaur Dr. Sonal SinghalCSIR (JRF)
11920/07/2011Rimi Sharma Dr. Sonal SinghalCSIR (JRF)
12012/07/2011Pratibha Bansal Dr. G.R. ChaudharyUGC (JRF)
12129/03/2011Jitender BhallaSynthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Hybrid ?-lactams: Search for Potential Biologically Active AgentsProf.SS. Bari, Dr.J.S. BrarUGC (JRF)
12203/11/2010Jasleen KaurSynthesis and Theoretical Studies of Pure and Doped Boron-Nitride NanotubesDr. Neetu Goel, Dr. Sonal SinghalDST (PURSE)
12316/09/2010Neeru GuptaApplications of Chiral and Achiral Ionic Liquids in Organic Transformations and Synthesis of Some Piper Amides Dr. J. S. Brar, Dr. K. N. SinghCSIR (JRF)
12404/08/2010Sheenam GirdharAn Exploration in the Field of Hypervalent Silicon Compounds Using Organosilanes as Precursors: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity StudiesDr. Gurjaspreet SinghUGC Meritorious Fellowship
12527/07/2010Prabjot SinghAmphiphillic Metalloaggregates of Transition Element : Synthesis, Characterization and Potential ApplicationsDr. G. R. Chaudhary, Prof.SK MehtaCSIR (JRF)
12621/07/2010Arjun SinghFluoropolymers as Polymeric Binders for High Energy Materials: A Physico-Chemical Study Prof. Alok SrivastavaScientist TBRL
12729/04/2010Sheifali ShuklaFabrication, Characterization and Potential Applications of Nanosized Transition Metal OxidesProf.SKMehta, Dr. G.R. ChaudharyUGC Meritorious Fellowship
12822/04/2010Kulvinder SinghSynthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Metal Oxides for Electro Chemical Sensor and Other Potential ApplicationsProf.SKMehta, Prof. Sukhjinder Singh, Dr. G. R. Chaudhary DST PURSE
13025/03/2010Shally GirdharAn Insight into the field of Hypervalent Organosilicon Compounds: Preparation, Characterization and Reactivity PatternsDr. Gurjaspreet SinghSRF (UGC)
13127/11/2009KhushbooMetal Sulfide Nanostructures; Growth Properties and Potential ApplicationsProf.SKMehtaCSIR (SRF)
13216/07/2009Suman SinghSynthesis, Characterization and Application of Gold Nanoparticles in BiosensorsProf.MLSingla, Dr. D.V.S.Jain
13302/02/2009Anju SainiSynthesis Characterization and Single Crystal X-ray Structural Studies of Copper(II) Carboxylato/Sulphonato Complexes Prof.Sukhjinder Singh, Prof.RPSharma Teacher fellowship (UGC)
13410/12/2008Anupma SharmaStudy of Biochemical and Physical Characteristics of Indian TeaProf.M.L.Singla,Prof.S. S. BariCSIR (JRF)
13526/11/2008Monica ManglaStudy of Adsorption, Kinetics and Thermodynamics of some Cationic and Anionic Dyes from Aqueous Solution Using Activated CarbonsProf.Meenakshi Goyal, Prof.MLSharma, Dr. G. R. ChaudharyWithout F/s PU. Test Cleared

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